Performance Management In A Cross-Domain World

Mark Prahl

Mark Prahl

How do you ensure performance across your virtualized data center or cloud?

There is much emphasis on enterprise management tools being able to assure the availability of IT delivered services from a centralized event console.  You can search the Web and find many solutions that claim they can consolidate events into one single dashboard. However, availability is only part of the story when it comes to building an application-aware infrastructure to deliver always-on business services with better-than-expected service levels. A central management point for performance across all domains is essential in assuring delivery of business services to customers. 

Recent posts here have addressed how Web design models such as REST are setting the stage for standing up new services more quickly and providing some semblance of portability across private, public, and hybrid clouds. Standing on the brink of delivering on the promise of cloud computing, organizations need to ensure both the availability—and performance—of business-critical applications as they move to non-traditional deployments that still support demanding customers mostly disinterested in how computing gets done. Continue reading

EMC Extends Service Assurance With Watch4net

Mark Prahl

Mark Prahl

What if you could ensure the availability—and performance—of your virtual data center?

With the acquisition of Montreal-based Watch4net Solutions, EMC provides another compelling option for getting your data center under better control.

EMC IT Operations Intelligence ensures the availability of the virtual data center (VDC) with a root cause or fault analysis engine second to none. And, while availability is a basic requirement for the 24×7 VDC, you also need to ensure performance, as you scale your mission-critical applications.

Watch4net Solutions APG software suite provides the performance monitoring, analysis, and reporting from vApp to LUN. While availability may be cast as black or white (available or not), performance assurance is more akin to keeping an eye on the varying shades of gray to assess the impact or potential impact of the dynamic elements of the VDC on applications and infrastructure. It all comes down to service levels and being able to deliver the throughput and response times expected by the unruly mob—er, users.

Watch4net is the performance complement to IT Operations Intelligence’s deterministic availability solution. This combo is service assurance for the VDC and the cloud.

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Dealing With Virtual Machine Stall

Mark Prahl

Mark Prahl

How do you feel when you can’t take full advantage of an opportunity?

Well, it is only human nature to feel disappointed.

But, when it comes to business, it goes beyond mere personal disappointment when an opportunity is missed. Spending may be higher than it needs to be, profitability may be lower, and a competitive position may be compromised.

And, from the IT operations perspective, that is not a place anybody wants to be.

Recently, based on extensive and continuing discussions with customers, there is clearly a critical opportunity being missed for IT operations teams: the opportunity to increase the percentage of virtualized systems, as well as deploy advanced server virtualization features.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Through the Looking-Glass

Mark Prahl

Mark Prahl

What if you had penetrating views into your physical and virtual environment?

It’s not as farfetched as it may sound. The ability to look deep across your dynamic data center exists today.

 A few months back I wrote here about the management challenge and the need to get away from the old-school silo approach to IT infrastructure management.

At the time, I highlighted some of the key data center capabilities that can put you in the fast lane on the road to delivering IT-as-a-Service.

High on the list of these capabilities, Service Assurance provides organizations with applications and services delivered efficiently and effectively, and at the highest levels of availability.

However, as new technologies like virtualization get integrated with old systems, operational management often gets treated as an afterthought—and Service Assurance can be allusive.

But, this does not need to be the case anymore. New technologies require new operations management intelligence—and new ways of managing the data center–and it’s here. Continue reading

On the Road to Delivering IT-as-a-Service

Mark Prahl

Mark Prahl

What if you could deliver IT-as-a-Service?

Last time around, I discussed the challenge facing data center managers when it comes to responding to internal customers and standing up new services in virtual environments and cloud deployments.

The key takeaway being that IT departments need solutions that provide speed to service, service assurance, and compliance.

Address these areas and you solve the IT management challenge to delivering IT-as-a-service (ITaaS). Continue reading